Florida AG Facts
  • The USDA Census shows that 90% of Florida’s farms are family operations while about 10 percent are corporate entities.
  • About 32,000 Florida farms, or approximately 70 percent, have 50 acres or less.
    § Ethnic ownership of farms increased by 26%, from 2,083 farms in 2002 to 2,582 farms in 2007.
  • Agriculture contributed $2.98 billion in indirect tax contributions to local, county, and state governments.
  • The average Florida farmer is 57 years old and has been farming for nearly 20 years.
  • 44% of Florida’s farms include cattle as part of the operation.
  • Florida ranked first nationally for the production of oranges, grapefruit, foliage, and squash and second nationally for the following: bell peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, snap beans, strawberries, sugarcane, tangelos, tangerines, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, fruits, berries, nursery, greenhouse, floriculture, sod and horses.

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