FFVA & ACF offer behind-the-scenes glimpse of Florida ag to influencers

Five social media influencers from across the state pose for a picture while on their trip.

In April, FFVA partnered with Agriculture Communicators of Florida to host five social media influencers from across the state on a behind-the-scenes tour of Florida produce farms in the Everglades Agricultural Area. Sunshine Sweet Corn Farmers of Florida and Fresh From Florida joined in as sponsors to support the effort.

With an ever-growing curiosity of where food comes from, the objective of the tour was to spread awareness to consumers about the amazing farms and farmers in Florida that provide American consumers and beyond with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Prior to the tour, the influencers – some who focused on recipe creation, nutrition, and overall wellness – were unaware of the agriculture industry’s contributions and economic impact on the state of Florida. At the time, their exposure to agriculture had been limited to agritourism operations and farmers markets. That was about to change.

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